Transport To School

The majority of children walk to school.

Pupils in Year 7 and 8 can obtain permission to cycle to school once they have passed their Bikeability/cycling proficiency course. Parents should write to the school requesting permission and the child must not cycle to school until such permission has been granted. Any pupil riding to school must use a road worthy bicycle and wear a protective helmet. Should a child be found to have an unsafe bicycle or be guilty of dangerous cycling, permission will be withdrawn. Pupils must dismount from their bicycle before entering the school grounds. Please note that no responsibility can be taken for damage to or thefts from bicycles whilst parked in the school cycle racks.

If you are bringing children to school by car, we strongly encourage you to park a short distance from the school and allow the children to walk the remaining part of the journey. This will reduce traffic congestion and allow your child to walk and socialise with their peers. The car park can be very busy at the beginning and end of the day and a high level of congestion would cause a risk to the safety of our pupils.

There is a drop off zone within the car park that should only be used as intended and not used for any length of time.

For pupils travelling from Merley, a bus service is available, operated by Damory Buses. The drop off and pick up point is located directly outside the school on Dunyeats Road. Information detailing the full route and timetable is available from the school office.