School Stationery Shop

Your child is required to bring in their own pencil case each day.
The following list contains the equipment that your child will need:

Pencil case no larger than 32 x 4 x 10 cm
1 Eraser
2 x Writing pencils
2 x Blue handwriting pens (Not biro)
1 x 30cm ruler
1 Pencil sharpener
1 Glue stick
1 Dry wipe pen (black ink)
1 Purple pen (for editing and improving work)
1 Green highlighter
1 Yellow highlighter
Coloured pencils (optional)

Should any of the equipment need replacing, study guides and filled pencil cases can be purchased through Parent Pay or with cash, other items can be bought with cash from the school office. This is a non-profit enterprise and so will be able to offer stationery at a very reasonable price. Prices are as follows:

Blue Handwriting Pen 35p
Pencil 5p
Glue Stick 40p
Green Highlighter 20p
Yellow Highlighter 20p
Pencil Sharpener 5p
Protractor 10p
Eraser 10p
Purple Pen 5p
Ruler 25p
Scissors 35p
Whiteboard Pen 30p
Pencil Case (Full) £3.45
Pencil Case (Empty) 65p
Coloured Pencils – Pack 70p
Black Drawstring Bag £1.05
Study Guide £6.50