The theme of this year’s Children’s Mental Health Week is ‘Growing Together’.
We will be encouraging children (and adults) to consider how they have grown, and how they can help others to grow.
 Please find some helpful resources below 🙂

Getting help

Ten Top Tips for improving (or maintaining)
mental health and wellbeing

  • Park Run is a friendly, inclusive way to get active on a Saturday morning. Walk, jog or run 5km in a range of locations – or even volunteer! Junior Park Run on a Sunday offers children a 2km option. Register for free and have a look at locations at
  • Feeling arty? Have a look at Draw with Rob on YouTube – step by step guides to produce many different pictures, all created by professional illustrator Rob Biddulph.
  • Have a look at This website has a wealth of ideas for improving wellbeing. Every month, they produce a calendar with simple daily activities that you can do to bolster wellbeing. These can be downloaded for free.
  • Have a look on YouTube for Yoga with Adriene – a bank of yoga classes to suit all abilities.
  • Missing PE with Joe Wicks? He has a range of workouts on YouTube to join in with. Simply search his name.
  • Dig a board game out of the cupboard.
  • Have a look at for some great ideas for improving wellbeing.
  • Visit your local library and borrow a book for a few hours of escapism.
  • Have you got any unused musical instruments at home? Try searching for beginners’ lessons on YouTube to learn to play them.
  • The Five to Thrive Hub has five key ideas for how to improve wellbeing. Use the link here:

Useful Websites

Kids Baking recipes

Easy Kids Crafts

Mindfulness and yoga

Things to try (click on images to enlarge)

Ideas for getting creative! (click on images to enlarge)