Music at Broadstone Middle School

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Music in the Classroom

As part of the music curriculum we are offering ‘First Access’ to all of Year 7.  There are 3 classes learning the violin, 2 learning a brass instrument and 3 learning the dood.

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Peripatetic Music Tuition

We do not offer peripatetic music tuition from outside teachers during the school day. However, we are pleased to confirm that the tutors mentioned below are available to offer tuition after school between 3.15 pm and 5.15 pm.

Please note this will be a private arrangement between you and the tutor, with no involvement from the school. Should you wish to contact them and arrange tuition outside of school please see the below contact details:

Instrument Contact Information
Guitar Monday Mr Sam Churches
Tel: 07450 227626
Venue: Broadstone Middle School – Music Room (Studio)
Friday Mrs Sarah Abbott
Tel: 07759 235268
Venue: Broadstone Middle School – Music Room (Studio)

Please note that pupils musical instruments are not covered by the school’s insurance and so parents are advised to make their own arrangements.