Visions and Values

Hello, and a very warm welcome to Broadstone Middle School.

At Broadstone Middle, we believe our aim is to prepare children for ‘a life well lived.’ We are passionate about developing the whole child and believe that in order to prepare children for ‘a life well lived’ there are four main pillars that are the foundations or cornerstones of their development. Each of these pillars are equally important in order for us to enable well-rounded individuals.

Please click on the picture below to see the four pillars.

We do not know what the future will look like for our children. Therefore, our curriculum aims to prepare our learners for being able to deal with any situation in which they might find themselves. At Broadstone Middle, we are committed to ensuring our curriculum is built on knowledge.

We believe that our fundamental job is to help learners flourish in society. In our classes today we have the chefs, artists, accountants, doctors, teachers, scientists, pilots, hairdressers and whatever else of tomorrow. How we as parents and teachers inspire, motivate and develop our young learners will have an untold effect on the future. As well as developing knowledge, we want every individual to have a thirst for learning and understanding of how best they learn, discovering what they are capable of and being confident to stretch themselves.

School is not only a place of academic learning, but emotional learning as well. Learning is a social experience. We learn from and with others. It is our responsibility to give learners the opportunity to experience the world first hand and then see it from another point of view. We are shaping the community of tomorrow and as such, we need to teach the children to listen to and learn from others’ points of view and show respect for them. However, children make mistakes and if they didn’t, we wouldn’t need schools or parents. Our most important job as parents and teachers is to form relationships with our learners where they feel safe, try new things, make mistakes and flourish without fear of failure. It’s our job to make sure the children understand how to behave in society. From time to time they will find school difficult and when it is we treat children the way we would want our own children treated in the same situation.

We feel is is a great privilege when parents entrust their child into our care. As such, we promise to work with them to ensure their child flourishes. We will strive to make school a place where children will be absorbed in their learning and will discover new and important things about their lives every day. We can only do this well with great communication. It’s important to know when there are reasons to celebrate and when there are reasons to be sad. Whatever the occasion we are sensitive to a child’s situation and make sure we support or celebrate with them.

Our children are most precious. We look forward to travelling alongside parents on the learning journey your child has already begun and will continue throughout the rest of their lives.