Staff Who’s Who

Broadstone Middle School
Academic Year 2021 – 2022

Executive Headteacher Mrs D Wilks
Head of School Miss J Palmer
Assistant Headteachers Mrs A Barter and Mrs F Lord
Curriculum Directors Mrs D Goulding and Ms A Lancaster
Named SENCo Miss F Utley
Assistant Head of Key Stage 2 – Mrs F Lord
Head of Year 5 – Miss K Mackin
5V Miss K Faber
5W Mrs S Terry
5X Mrs W Swart
5Y Miss K Mackin
5Z Mrs L Mutter
Head of Year 6 – Miss J Gallanders
6V Mr P Savage
6W Miss F Lee
6X Miss J Gallanders
and Miss K Bone
6Y Miss S Matthews
6Z Miss R Smith
Head of Key Stage 3 – Mrs A Barter
Year 7
7U Mr B Powell
7V Madame N Baron
7W Mrs T Middlewick
7X Miss L Adams
7Y Mr M Yeates
7Z Mr J Taylor
Year 8
8V Miss B Maddison
8W Mrs D Curtis
8X Mr B Davies
8Y Mr A Doidge
8Z Mrs L Bown
Teachers not assigned to a Form Class
Mrs L Bladen
Mr N Bluck
Mrs L Graves
Mrs L Harrison
Miss A Matthews
Mrs B Miller
Mrs L Stevens
Resource Base – ‘The Link’
Resource Base Lead
Mr C Goulding
Resource Base SENCO
Ms C Sweeney
Teacher with SEN Specialism
Mrs M Osborn
Learning Support Assistants
Mrs S Churchill
Mr T Evans
Mr M Holdgate
Mrs E Northover
ICT Manager
Mr J Rose
ICT Technician
Mrs L Blake
Inclusion Support
Inclusion Manager
Mrs N Bowra
SEN Lead
Mrs K Jones
Wellbeing Lead
Mrs N Jones
Admin Lead
Mrs L Carter
Estates Team
Estates Manager
Mr S Bonham
Site Caretaker
Mr M Alder
Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs W Wright
Learning Mentors
Mrs A Gillingham-Cook
Mrs J Fulling
Mrs S Penwarden
Mr L Stead
Learning Support Assistants
Mrs M Bligh
Mrs T Bond
Miss J Burke
Miss L Dunford
Mr T Evans
Mrs A Kennedy
Mrs N Kill
Mrs C Lovell
Mr J Roff
Mrs N Smit-Ash
Mrs L Stevens
Mrs J Vowles
Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs W Shelton
Design Technology 
Mrs S Fuoco
Mrs C Way
Administration Lead
Mrs N Jones
Administrative Assistants
Miss A Bosley
Mrs C Legg
Clerk to the School Standards Board
Mrs G Downing
Finance Manager
Miss T Hayter
Finance Assistant
Mrs L Carter