Snow Day at BMS!

BMS: one of the only schools in Poole to open, embraced the snow while at least 20 schools were shut!

Today (Thursday 1st March), despite the ‘Beast from the East’ bringing the South Coast to a standstill, BMS Children and Teachers faced the blizzard with enthusiasm and had a fun-filled day because nothing stops them from learning.

As normal, most of us arrived at school - wrapped in hats, scarves and gloves - excited about the snow that had blanketed the playgrounds. Instead of closing the school, like most others, Mrs Wilks decided to adapt the routine and let us wear warmer clothes rather than our school uniform so we were prepared for the day – everyone loves a non-school uniform day! We were amazed to find that every single teacher, who was supposed to be in school, was there; the whole school cheered encouragingly when they found out.

During the school day, we were given opportunities to enjoy the fun of the soft, glistening, untouched snow just like those that had stayed home – even more fun though! How often do you get to spend a snow day with all of your friends and have a spacious field to play on too?

‘It was an amazing experience!’ Remarked Eve (a year 6 pupil) enthusiastically.

Mrs Bevis (a learning support assistant) stated, ‘It was a very different type of day. Great fun for everyone.’

When Mrs Wilks announced that we were going outside for a whole school snowball fight, everyone was excited and really glad they came in. Racing to the pitch, Mr Mcallister (the PE teacher) was the first to get involved as we all started throwing snowballs at each other - 90% of the teachers got involved. We had great fun throwing snowballs at the Headteacher who didn’t hesitate to throw snowballs back!

‘I enjoyed the snow fight so much!’ exclaimed Jasmine.

‘I think the snowball fight was brilliant and exciting,’ boasted Rebecca.

After the excitement of the snowball fight, chilly and frozen, the day got even better (we didn’t think it could). Everyone gathered in the hall ready to watch a film and have a hot chocolate, served by the generous teachers and staff, to warm them up.

Samantha and Katie reported, ‘I loved the teachers serving us hot chocolate’.

‘It was really busy in the kitchen with all the ladies trying to wash cups, dry cups, make and serve hot chocolate but it was worth making the pupils happy,’ commented Mrs Chivers happily.

In the afternoon, still off timetable, we were brought to the hall and given the chance to choose a creative, fun activity to finish off the day. Ending the day on a high, all the children went home buzzing about their spectacular snow day and eager to share their excitement with family and siblings. It was a day like no other!

‘If we’re in tomorrow, I’m definitely encouraging my friends to come in!’ Shrieked Abigail (a Year 6 pupil) as she left at the end of the day.