University of Broadstone Curriculum

At Broadstone Middle School we passionately believe that education should provide a wide range of experiences where children are inspired, encouraged to embrace a variety of opportunities and experience different ways of learning.

We are therefore thrilled to introduce the University of Broadstone Curriculum (UBC).

UBC is a creative curriculum that allows us to offer a variety of experiences, for children to be stretched and challenged in new and exciting ways and for children to make choices about what they want to experience.

Some children may already have ambitions to be a future forensic scientist, the next sporting star, a keen designer or budding entrepreneur, whereas many children are yet to decide where their interests may lie.   UBC offers a wide range of topics that children can explore, delivers a genuinely broad and balanced curriculum and provides a truly unique school experience.

UBC will take place during lesson five on Wednesdays.  Each course will run for a period of approximately six weeks (although some courses such as drama and music may be longer to allow for an end of course performance to showcase their new skills).  On average children will undertake six courses during the academic year.

We are really excited about working in new and collaborative ways – Wednesdays will never be the same again!
Dawn Wilks, Headteacher