The school day
8.30 am Pupils can start to enter the school building
8.40 am Bell sounds - Registration
8.50 am Lesson 1
9.50 am Lesson 2
10.50 am Morning break
11.05 am Lesson 3
12.05 pm Lesson 4
1.05 pm Lunch
1.50 pm Lesson 5 (including registration)
3.05 pm End of school day

Arrival at school

For safety reasons, children should not arrive at school before 8.30am, from which time there is supervision. The exception to this rule is children attending pre-arranged extended support activities, who are required to present themselves to the receptionist at the school office upon their arrival.

Lunch arrangements

Children who choose to bring a packed lunch into school will eat this in their classroom, together with their peers, before going out to the relevant designated area of the school grounds to play for the remainder of the lunch period. Hot school meals are served and eaten within the school atrium. Our hot school meals are freshly prepared by Chartwells Creative Kitchen, located just outside Broadstone and delivered hot into school. Ingredients are sourced locally wherever possible and fresh vegetables are steamed on the school site shortly before serving. The menus are healthy and varied with a seasonal three week rotation, whilst compliant with nutritional standards and the School Food Plan. Creative Kitchens have been awarded the Gold Food for Life accreditation. Meals are ordered and paid for online directly with Chartwells using their Dorset Meal Selector website. Orders must be made at least a week in advance, no later than the Sunday for meals required on or after the following Monday week. The cost of a hot school meal will be £2.35 with effect from September 2016. A booklet and leaflet providing information on this service, together with a sample menu are included within this pack.

leaving school premises

Pupils are not allowed to leave the school during the school day unless we have your specific permission in writing. If your child does need to leave school, for example to attend a medical appointment, we ask for a note beforehand and that your child is collected from the school office by an adult who must sign them out before they leave the premises.