Rewards and sanctions

We have a system of rewards and sanctions to encourage effort, achievement and positive behaviour. To create a climate where achievement is valued we take every opportunity to publicise and praise.

Vivo reward points are given for excellent work, behaviour and attendance. Vivo works electronically so children can log on to the interactive website or on to the Vivo App to check their Vivo balance or to activate Vivo credit slips. Their Vivo balance will show which member of staff awarded the Vivos as well as the reason for the award.

As Vivo reward point milestones are met, children are presented with a certificate and privilege passes, for example a day’s non uniform pass; use of the ICT suite at lunchtime pass or a week’s lunchtime pass with the opportunity to eat with friends from another tutor room.

At the end of each term, the highest Vivo earners across the school are rewarded with a Vivo outing such as spending the afternoon ice-skating, bowling or at the cinema.

We also operate a strike system with warnings and sanctions for low level disruption. Pupils are encouraged to make correct behaviour choices. For more information please refer to our behaviour policy available on the school website.