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This is considered to be a very important aspect of school life and an indicator of a desire to set high standards.

Our policy for dress is designed to be:
a) appropriate to the particular activities which pupils encounter in school
b) supportable by all concerned - parents/carers, pupils, staff and Governors
c) gender free so that elements of discrimination should be avoided wherever possible
d) encouraging of community spirit and identity
e) simple to understand, interpret and enforce
f) easily obtainable and maintainable
g) inexpensive

Dress List
There is a common list for boys and girls, appropriate for both summer and winter wear:


Light blue

Socks Grey, black or white (sports socks are not allowed)
Tights Grey or black
Skirts/Trousers Mid-grey
(not sweatshirts)
Mid-grey (no cardigans)
Ties (see section 'v' Black, blue stripe (optional)
Black (flat, no trainers, boots or sandals) heels not exceeding 3cm, no kitten heels, no trainers as an alternative to school shoes except during breaks and PE lessons
Blouse/T-shirt Light blue
Shorts Black
PE socks White
Games socks* Black
Trainers Any colour
Games tops Light blue sweatshirts (girls)
  Long sleeve reversible rugby shirts in school colours (boys)
Boots must have removable studs suitable for football/rugby
Blades or moulded studs are not suitable
Tracksuit - bottoms Black (winter months)
* These items are NOT needed by Year 5 pupils unless undertaking extra curricular football or rugby club.
Please click here for further information on the Governors' school dress code for skirts. 

Pupils in Years 6/7/8 are strongly encouraged to have shin pads and a gum shield for hockey/rugby. Gum shields are available from the school office.

Further Information:

i) Tights should not be worn with socks
ii) Trousers must be full length and tailored to the waist (no turn ups, or cargo pockets, not excessively long, low waisted, baggy or skin-tight) and in mid-grey - if in doubt the supplier listed on the following page has the approved lines. There must be no jeans, cords, tracksuit bottoms or cargo/combat trousers.
iii) Skirts must be mid-grey and pleated from the waist. They must sit on the waist (not hips) and be worn on or just below the knee. The front and back panel may be stitched down from the waistband to the hip joint. It should be noted that from September 2006 no other style of skirt will be acceptable.
iv) Hair – no colouring of hair – dyed, bleached, high or low lighted no extremes of hair style – less than a No 2 cut, too many clips or bands, braiding, excessive use of hair gel, spiked, Mohican 'tramlines' etc. The school will respect genuine cultural and religious needs.
v) Ties for everyday use will be optional but if worn must be worn properly.
NB There will be occasions when ties will be expected because it is particularly appropriate eg Carol service, school concerts, open evenings etc.
vi) T-shirts, vests etc worn under shirts or blouses must not be visible.
vii) Jumpers bearing our motif are particularly encouraged and can be obtained from our supplier. Sweatshirts are not acceptable as an alternative to overcoats or jumpers.
viii) Long belts/chains are unsuitable for school. Belts should be black or grey.
ix) Jewellery must not be worn at school, apart from one plain gold or silver stud in the lobe of each ear if ears are pierced. There are particular dangers associated with the wearing of ear-studs during physical activities and it is expected that your child will remove them for such periods. Please ensure that any new piercing is done at the beginning of the long summer break to ensure the stud is removable on return to school. No jewellery associated with any other body piercing is permitted.
x) No make-up. Nail polish must not be worn on finger or toe nails.
xi) False eye lashes/nails are not allowed.

Bartletts, 45 East Street, Wimborne are our main supplier and stock all our uniform requirements.

Nearly New Clothing Sales:
These are organised periodically by parents/carers with the proceeds going to the school fund. Donations of items of school clothing in good condition are always very welcome.

Provision of School Clothing
In exceptional cases, the Borough of Poole may contribute towards a school uniform to enable a child to attend school when it is genuinely felt that the child would be unable to do so because of a lack of suitable clothing.

The Borough of Poole also needs to ensure that the family is unable to provide such clothing.

Please contact 01202 261900 for details of crisis payment for school uniform.

NB – Please ensure that all items of clothing are named.

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